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Adolescent Sport Performance

Strength, Conditioning and Injury Prevention

Do you have a child with the skills and/or the desire to get a scholarship to a college or university?  I can help your young athlete achieve that goal through physical training designed to advance performance in a specific or variety of sports.  Injury prevention is very important, and often over looked.  An athlete may lose a starting spot on a roster or lose valuable training time to advance their skills while injured.

I offer custom off-season strength, conditioning and injury prevention training for your adolescent athlete.  These range from 6 - 12 weeks and the degree to which the program is hands on is customized for your budget.  Group training is also available.  You can expect to receive:

  • A comprehensive pre-evaluation where strengths and weaknesses based on your child's particular sport/position or group of sports are identified

  • Strength and conditioning programming to enhance weaknesses and exaggerate strengths

  • Strength and conditioning programming to prevent known common injuries in your child's sport/position

  • A post-evaluation will show the results of the programming and athlete's dedication

  • Follow-up programming

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