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Viarty: Virtual Remote Training

In response to the extreme measures necessary to stay in shape during a pandemic I've created Viarty: Virtual Remote Training.  Quite simply, I train you remotely.  All you need is a phone, computer or a tablet and a fitness goal.  Add your husband, wife, friend, partner or child for a small fee.  Whatever equipment you have or don't have I'll work with.  If you need guidance on what equipment you should purchase, I can help with that as well.  You can save at least 20% off training with me in person and have the convenience of working out at home.


With the stress associated with Covid-19, there is a good chance you need a workout.  I will tailor a safe workout, help establish consistency, track your progress and get to know you.




To make it easy to give VIARTY a try, nicely priced introductory packages:

  • 60-Minute: three 60-minute VIARTY sessions for $135

  • 45-Minute: one 60-minute and two 45-minute personal training sessions for $115

  • 30-Minute: one 60-minute and two 30-minute personal training sessions for $100


* 2.95% is added for all credit card transactions.  To avoid this fee consider paying by Venmo (@James-Camastra), cash or check.

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